Former Democratic Party Chairman Ricky Cole: “The rumors about me bleeding the party dry are exaggerated.”

Ricky Cole seen here is pictured describing how to properly pick money from a money tree.

Hattiesburg Patriot Mr. Cole is it true that you are Chairman of the Democratic State Executive Committee and Executive Director of the party?
Hattiesburg Patriot Isn't in unusual that one person hold both positions?

RICKY  COLE - Well, yes that is unusual, but I am an unusual person.

Hattiesburg Patriot- Is it true that while campaigning for both of these positions you wore a full length, black, wool cape?

RICKY COLE - As you know while appearing before the public, it's best to make a dramatic entrance and command the attention of the room. As many know, my family immigrated here from Transylvania; I am allergic to the sunlight, and the rumors about me bleeding the party dry are exaggerated.

Hattiesburg Patriot - Mr. Cole, How can you get behind Johnny Dupree, even a Democrat, where so much corruption has been exposed in his administration?

RICKY COLE - It's not the first corrupt election I have condoned, and it won't be the last. What matters is getting that "D" in office.

Hattiesburg Patriot - So the ends justify the means?

RICKY COLE- By all means. It doesn't matter how you win it, but did ya win it?

Hattiesburg Patriot - Is it true that the democratic poll watchers are being schooled in Jackson by Ike Brown?

RICKY COLE - I know Ike's  gotten in trouble with voter fraud in Noxubee County, but nothing Ike did was as bad as Forrest County. These workers will be trained by the best. They will never get caught.  

Hattiesburg Patriot - Mr. Cole I understand that no one trust the Democratic Executive Committee.  Isn't that why they formed the Democratic Trust?

RICKY COLE - Well, In the past we have had real problems with our financial controls. You know how it is with a group of people like this?  We have had issues with income tax, withholding tax, and other matters, but on the plus side it could have been a little worse.

Hattiesburg Patriot - Is it true Mr. Cole that several years back many of the female staff members quit because the executive secretary was leaving porno on the party computer?

RICKY COLE - It wasn't that big of a thing. Boys will be boys.

Hattiesburg Patriot -Mr. Cole, In the light of having pornography on the party office computer at the headquarters, is it the Democratic Party's policy to use sex offenders as poll watchers like what was seen at Hattiesburg City Hall this past week for absentee voting?

RICKY COLE - Well, it's not our policy yet, but since you have to be eighteen to vote, it shouldn't be a problem. We at the Democratic party don't want to cause any trouble. So if there are any sex offenders working the polls the Democratic Party will be posting "No Children" signs outside the precincts. Now, the sex offender working city hall, who assaulted your cameraman and didn't have credentials asked three times that his picture not be taken. If you want his picture is in the sex offender registry.

Hattiesburg Patriot - Mr. Cole we understand that you have requested federal assistance in this election. Aren't you concerned that some of your poll workers and election officials might get arrested?

RICKY COLE  - Those people that did all of that in the first election were not good Democrats. They were working for the Ware campaign to sabotage the election.  I've also asked Jimmy Carter to come assist. He has agreed to visit all the polling places, take pictures, and sign autographs. He will be bringing a delegation of poll watchers from Cuba to observe the election.

HATTIESBURG PATRIOT - Is it true that you are going to use buses to bring in voters from Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, and Memphis?

RICKY COLE - We the Democratic Party aren't paying for the buses. Those are donated by churches. They are taking up collections for gas money.
HATTIESBURG PATRIOT - Mr. Cole - In your get out to vote effort, have you noticed whether or not you get more people to show up with fish or chicken?



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